Royce Wood

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E n g l i s h    h a n d m a d e   t i l e s

Making handmade tiles is a skilled, labour intensive process Royce Wood employs methods of production which would be familiar to Medieval tile makers.

Using a specially formulated blend of Cornish Kaolin and English ball clay the tiles are extruded into the basic tile shape before being individually hand cut. At this stage the clay is in a wet malleable state and has to be left for several days to dry out thoroughly. Slow drying helps to avoid excessive warping and curling.  Before the tiles can be glazed and fired the edges are sponged and smoothed into the desired shape.

A special blend of glazes developed over many years based on original Victorian oxide recipes is the secret ingredient helping to produce the unique Royce Wood variegated glaze finish.  Each tile is hand glazed and hand painted before a further sponging and are then kiln fired to high temperature over a 24 hour period to fuse the glazes into the clay surface. . The beautiful glazed tiles each display their own subtle nuances.