Royce Wood

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E n g l i s h    h a n d m a d e   t i l e s

Royce Wood Studio specialises in producing a unique range of handmade variegated glazed tiles. The defining characteristic is that every stage in the making of each tile - cutting, painting and glazing - is achieved entirely by hand. This involves a lengthy process and means that no two tiles are exactly alike, each piece is an individual work of art.


The hallmark of the collection is the tonal variation of the tile surface achieved by the use of an original Victorian hand glazing method. The Studio has developed an extensive palette of colours and continued experimentation has produced a range of glazed ceramics which is highly original. Only the finest English clays and glazes are used to create the high quality tiles required and is helpful in improving the Studio’s green credentials.

Royce Wood handmade tiles look equally at home in a modern urban setting or in a country cottage. Above all the collection of unique tiles has been created for unique homes.....


A Passion for Colour
Beautiful Variegated Glazed Tiles